Younger Generations Rediscovering Music on Vinyl Records

Our daughter discovered vinyl LPs and 45s. She was listening to a lot of classical and Big Band era music on records she bought at a garage sale. She was using an old record player that would let you only play one album or 45 at a time. She is an artist, and wanted a record player for her studio that she could move around that would play a stack of albums. I looked at some portable record player reviews online to find one that would suit her needs. I was surprised to find that record players are still being made. Not only that, they also have three speeds. They will do the albums at the 33 1/3 speed as well as 45s and even 78s. The numbers are the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the turntable. Each record type rotates at a different speed. I say that because there are a lot of people that have never listened to albums on LPs (long-playing records) or the smaller 45s with one song on each side. Continue reading


Getting Music is Much Easier These Days for Everyone

I used to love hanging out at the record store when I was a kid and a teen. My brother would often take me when I was in middle school. Later, when I moved onto high school, I began going alone or with my friends. Now, things are much easier because I can get music from Mp3 Skull easily. These days, you can listen to music ahead of time, which wasn’t really easy to do back in the day when record stores were a thing.

I was really surprised by the waitress who was serving us at a restaurant recently when she asked what an “album” was. She overheard my wife and I discussing some old albums we had. I told her they were record album, and she then said, “Oh, I see. I’ve never seen one.” I just cannot imagine anyone not having any idea what one is or never having seen one before. That just seem so alien to me, and it made both my wife and I feel so old! The waitress said she is only 19 years old, and she only listens to MP3s. Continue reading


Purchasing an Acoustic Guitar for a Child

My daughter is only seven years old and has been going to bluegrass festivals with me all of her life. She loves the music and has shown an interest in learning how to play the guitar. This made me extremely happy since I am a banjo player and her father is a fiddle player. I look forward to the day that we can all play music together. The first thing we need to do is find a place to buy beginners acoustic guitar. I thought about getting her a smaller guitar but was always told that kids should learn on full-size instruments. I think the reasoning behind this is that they may not adjust well when they are ready to move up to the full-size version.

I thought it would be best to do a bit of research to find the best fit for my daughter. I came across a website that has a buying guide for different levels of guitar players and decided to take a closer look at the beginner’s guide. The guide rated guitars on different factors relevant to the player just starting out. Their number one rated guitar was a Fender guitar which didn’t surprise me that much. I’ve always heard good things about this company and its instruments. This particular guitar comes with everything needed to start playing including picks, strap, tuner, and strings. It all sounded pretty good to me and my husband.

The website we were visiting only reviews and provides buying guides. They do not offer instruments for sale but they do provide links where your chosen instrument can be purchased. We thought it would be a good idea to shop around and to even see if we could find this particular guitar locally. We like to show support for our local music stores. Maybe if they don’t have it in stock they can order it for us.


My Son is Taking Drum Lessons

When my thirteen year old son asked for drums for Christmas, I was surprised. He had never shown any musical interest before other than just listening to songs, but I also knew that he did not make spur of the moment decisions on new hobbies either. This was something that had been building up in him, and I knew that he would devote the necessary time to learning about the different aspects of drum sets as well as drum lessons to learn how to play them. He had already researched different sets, and he showed me the one that he would like to start out with.

I felt that it was a good investment for him as this is something that he could do for the rest of his life if he wanted to. Continue reading


The World of Music and Happiness is Growing

I was introduced to Korean pop music a couple years ago when a song from South Korea crossed over into America and many other countries and became a hit song around the world. That song was followed up with yet another popular song from the same group. That is what made me really curious about what other music from that country is fun and great sounding, too. While searching around online to learn more, I found out about the Bangtan Boys group from the same country, and now I am part of the BTS members group where a lot of other fans hang out online.

I have to admit that I got really tired American talk to you before many years. I didn’t even really turn on a radio. But when that song came over from South Korea, I suddenly found a great interest again. Continue reading


An Online Site to Build My Music Collection

I am a bit of a loner, but that is because I have everything I need right here at home. Well, just about everything, anyway. I work from home, and I am able to order most of everything that I need online. I don’t have a lot of interests, but I do have friends who I socialize with from time to time. What has drawn us together is our love for music. I was looking for a way to do an mp3 songs download for a song that I was having a hard time finding, and someone on an online music forum told me about a website they use.

It is a local forum, so I thought it was really cool that this person likes the same kind of music that I do. We started talking privately, and that is how I met the small group of people that I now call friends. Continue reading


Best Site for Downloading New Music

For most of my life, I have really kept up with music and tried to keep as much music on my computer as possible. I remember when I first went to college, I used some program to download all of the itunes songs from every person in the same dorm building as me who had music that I wanted. But I haven’t kept up with music in awhile and now I want to figure out how to start listening to good new music again, so I am on bursalagu to see if I can download some good music to add to my library.

Another reason why I don’t listen to as much different music as I used to is that I am on a new laptop, and I was not able to keep the data on my last laptop, so I lost all of the songs that I had. I have forgotten a lot of the bands that were on my old music library and I don’t know if I will ever remember some of those bands. Continue reading


Preparing for the Song Competition

There is a singing competition that happens once a year, and it is televised. The singers think of any song that suits their vocal range and sing it for a chance at $500,000. A prize that large is just to big to turn down, so I started looking for singing classes last month to train my voice. I’ve never really been good at singing, and the only time I’ve ever sounded good is when I’m in the shower with the water drowning me out. Even my dog has always been a better singer than me. He probably could win that prize money based on cuteness alone.

The classes focus more on finding the strengths that ha person has to work with, rather than forcing them to go beyond their means. Not everyone can sing at every vocal range. Continue reading


Learning to Play the Piano

If you’re interested in learning how to play the piano, you first need to learn the chords. This is the quickest and best way for you to learn how to play this wonderful instrument. Not everyone has a lot of time to spend on learning how to play, and if this is your case, your best bet is to learn piano chords before anything else which you can find on many piano websites devoted to providing chords. The very first thing you need to do is get yourself some instruction manuals and videos. You can buy them at music stores. Keep in mind that notes make up the chords, so if you learn the chords, you’ll also be learning all the different notes. Some people mistakenly believe that it takes years to learn how to play, but that’s not true at all. Continue reading


Working the New Band Up to Speed

It has been about six weeks since we started this band. I knew all of the guys except the drummer from other places. I was in a band with the bass player when I was only 15, although that did not really go very far. We had a lot of fun, but we were not very disciplined and the band would not practice enough in a hundred years. All of these guys are dedicated and good craftsmen. We had no difficulty getting a show together, we have done a couple of clubs. I am going to buy Soundcloud plays after we get the band’s social media profile up. Right now no one knows who we are really, although we go up on stage and people recognize all of us from other bands we played in. Continue reading


Playing Music from My Favorite Composer

Artem KapustinI was very surprised by how much I liked Kapustin music. When I was only thirteen years old my mother decided that she wanted me to learn an instrument. I really had no idea what I wanted to learn, so I decided that I would learn how to play the violin. I played the violin for four years and I did not really like it that much. I had a great music teacher and she could tell that I did not like my instrument. She told me that I should think about changing my instrument. She told me that since I had long fingers that I should try to play the piano.

I decided that I would take her suggestion, and from the first time that I put my fingers on a piano, I knew that it was the instrument that I should have always played. I loved playing the piano on my spare time, it was something that gave me peace and calm. I would listen to music on the radio, and I would then copy it with my piano. Continue reading


A Brief Introduction to Kapustin Music

One of the more exciting aspects of modern times is the scope of life. Not long ago our ability to sample art and culture was limited by geographic boundaries. However, these days one has a rare opportunity to learn about all types of new and innovative art forms. Indeed, this is even more so for the fact that the Internet gives one a chance to learn why any particular artform is so distinct. Take Kapustin music for example.

At face value, one might be forgiven for not seeing the distinction from normal jazz. However, like many great works of art this is simply an illusion over a far more complex reality. One needs to learn a bit more about Kapustin himself before really understanding the distinction. Kapustin was born in Russia, and much of his musical appreciation was born from that environment as well. Continue reading