Best Site for Downloading New Music

For most of my life, I have really kept up with music and tried to keep as much music on my computer as possible. I remember when I first went to college, I used some program to download all of the itunes songs from every person in the same dorm building as me who had music that I wanted. But I haven’t kept up with music in awhile and now I want to figure out how to start listening to good new music again, so I am on bursalagu to see if I can download some good music to add to my library.

Another reason why I don’t listen to as much different music as I used to is that I am on a new laptop, and I was not able to keep the data on my last laptop, so I lost all of the songs that I had. I have forgotten a lot of the bands that were on my old music library and I don’t know if I will ever remember some of those bands. That is definitely a shame, but on the positive side, there is always time to find new bands and new music. I haven’t heard much new music in awhile. I used to have a friend that would regularly link me to new music and bands that he had discovered, but unfortunately we stopped talking about six months ago.

But anyway, I guess it is up to me to find new music on my own this time around. I don’t talk to many of my old college buddies these days, and they were the main way that I used to get introduced to new music. I guess it is kind of a weird situation I am in because I never had to try hard to find new music.


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