Getting Music is Much Easier These Days for Everyone

I used to love hanging out at the record store when I was a kid and a teen. My brother would often take me when I was in middle school. Later, when I moved onto high school, I began going alone or with my friends. Now, things are much easier because I can get music from Mp3 Skull easily. These days, you can listen to music ahead of time, which wasn’t really easy to do back in the day when record stores were a thing.

I was really surprised by the waitress who was serving us at a restaurant recently when she asked what an “album” was. She overheard my wife and I discussing some old albums we had. I told her they were record album, and she then said, “Oh, I see. I’ve never seen one.” I just cannot imagine anyone not having any idea what one is or never having seen one before. That just seem so alien to me, and it made both my wife and I feel so old! The waitress said she is only 19 years old, and she only listens to MP3s. So funny how time flies! Records were such a big part of my life and the lives of everyone else who grew up in my time!

I can remember making mix tapes on an cassette tapes. We didn’t call them back then, but that’s what young people call them these days. Basically, you had to stick by your radio, which also had a recording function, in order to catch your favorite songs to put them on tape. If you were lucky, you didn’t cut the beginning or end of your song off. You had to rush to press the record button. And you never knew when your favorite songs would even come on the radio. Now, you can get any song you want online.


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