My Son is Taking Drum Lessons

When my thirteen year old son asked for drums for Christmas, I was surprised. He had never shown any musical interest before other than just listening to songs, but I also knew that he did not make spur of the moment decisions on new hobbies either. This was something that had been building up in him, and I knew that he would devote the necessary time to learning about the different aspects of drum sets as well as drum lessons to learn how to play them. He had already researched different sets, and he showed me the one that he would like to start out with.

I felt that it was a good investment for him as this is something that he could do for the rest of his life if he wanted to. Learning how to play drums is just the beginning of hopefully a lifetime of pleasure. I was able to get the drum set for him locally, but I was not able to find an instructor who would be able to help him progress past the beginner’s stage of learning a new instrument. I did not want to have him continue changing instructors because that meant we would have to travel into the city to find someone qualified to teach him.

I knew that he had said that there are online instructors, but I was not sure how that would work out. It turned out to be the perfect solution though. I went to the website of the instructor that he said he wanted to use, and I was impressed. Not only does he teach beginners who have never used a drum set before, but he continues on with the students as they progress. There was nothing I did not like about his website or instructional methods, and my son is growing every single day. This may actually take him places with how well he is doing!


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