Playing Music from My Favorite Composer

Artem KapustinI was very surprised by how much I liked Kapustin music. When I was only thirteen years old my mother decided that she wanted me to learn an instrument. I really had no idea what I wanted to learn, so I decided that I would learn how to play the violin. I played the violin for four years and I did not really like it that much. I had a great music teacher and she could tell that I did not like my instrument. She told me that I should think about changing my instrument. She told me that since I had long fingers that I should try to play the piano.

I decided that I would take her suggestion, and from the first time that I put my fingers on a piano, I knew that it was the instrument that I should have always played. I loved playing the piano on my spare time, it was something that gave me peace and calm. I would listen to music on the radio, and I would then copy it with my piano. After playing the piano for five years, I decided that I was going to also teach piano since I loved it so much.

I stared to teach and I was asked to play in an orchestra. I loved the orchestra, because it really introduced me to so many different composers that I had never heard of before, because we had to play their music. I learned a lot about a Russian composer named Kapustin. I was really surprised by the fact that I really liked his style of music. I liked it so much that I even began to teach some of his songs to my more advanced students.

I really loved playing the piano, it is something that I learned to not only enjoy, but also have a passion for. I am also thankful for all the things that I learned about different composers, because I was able to learn about Kapustin, and he is know officially my favorite composer.


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