Preparing for the Song Competition

There is a singing competition that happens once a year, and it is televised. The singers think of any song that suits their vocal range and sing it for a chance at $500,000. A prize that large is just to big to turn down, so I started looking for singing classes last month to train my voice. I’ve never really been good at singing, and the only time I’ve ever sounded good is when I’m in the shower with the water drowning me out. Even my dog has always been a better singer than me. He probably could win that prize money based on cuteness alone.

The classes focus more on finding the strengths that ha person has to work with, rather than forcing them to go beyond their means. Not everyone can sing at every vocal range. Some people have naturally deep voices, and sing in a more baritone style, while others can reach high octaves without any problem. I fall somewhere in the middle, not too low for deep voiced baritone, but not high enough for high pitched notes that can shatter a glass if held for too long. I even the singers who can reach the higher notes, because those are the ones that get all of the attention.

Learning to sing well isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes a lot of work to train your voice to sing on key. You have to practice breathing techniques as well. A lot of amateur singers don’t realize this, and their singing sometimes sounds like they are out of breath, or in some cases, nasally. In the first day of classes, I practiced singing the scales. This is similar to how people practice the scales when they learn a musical instrument. In a way, the voice is a musical instrument.


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