The World of Music and Happiness is Growing

I was introduced to Korean pop music a couple years ago when a song from South Korea crossed over into America and many other countries and became a hit song around the world. That song was followed up with yet another popular song from the same group. That is what made me really curious about what other music from that country is fun and great sounding, too. While searching around online to learn more, I found out about the Bangtan Boys group from the same country, and now I am part of the BTS members group where a lot of other fans hang out online.

I have to admit that I got really tired American talk to you before many years. I didn’t even really turn on a radio. But when that song came over from South Korea, I suddenly found a great interest again. I learned that this style of music that I come to really like is called “KPop,” and it has a big following over there. There’s a popular video site that I visit daily so that I can watch all the different new videos that come out all the time. My dream is now to take a vacation over there so that I can see a couple of concerts in person. I doubt that will happen anytime soon, but a girl can dream, right? For now, I can buy all the MP3s I want on the Internet.

I love that the world is coming together in so many ways, yet we are all still keeping what is unique about each different country. After all, I wouldn’t want the entire world to have bands that all sound like everything in my own country. Unique things are what I like best. I have met a lot of people from other countries online who are into the same type of music that I have fallen in love with.


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