Working the New Band Up to Speed

It has been about six weeks since we started this band. I knew all of the guys except the drummer from other places. I was in a band with the bass player when I was only 15, although that did not really go very far. We had a lot of fun, but we were not very disciplined and the band would not practice enough in a hundred years. All of these guys are dedicated and good craftsmen. We had no difficulty getting a show together, we have done a couple of clubs. I am going to buy Soundcloud plays after we get the band’s social media profile up. Right now no one knows who we are really, although we go up on stage and people recognize all of us from other bands we played in. No one knows the name of the band we are playing in yet, we have to go out and build up a reputation.

The guys and I have been taking a lot of time to work on our act. In fact we are pretty happy with how well a response we are getting from the audiences. We are not happy with the size of the venues or the crowds. It is obvious that we have a lot of work to do before we can fill up the biggest clubs. At the moment we are working in places near the college and word is already getting out about us there, but we need to get busy on a promotional plan. We have a web page, but it is sort of lame right now and we have started up a little work on social media, but that is something you need to do a lot better job of when you are an unknown band trying to get your game moving forward.


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