Younger Generations Rediscovering Music on Vinyl Records

Our daughter discovered vinyl LPs and 45s. She was listening to a lot of classical and Big Band era music on records she bought at a garage sale. She was using an old record player that would let you only play one album or 45 at a time. She is an artist, and wanted a record player for her studio that she could move around that would play a stack of albums. I looked at some portable record player reviews online to find one that would suit her needs. I was surprised to find that record players are still being made. Not only that, they also have three speeds. They will do the albums at the 33 1/3 speed as well as 45s and even 78s. The numbers are the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the turntable. Each record type rotates at a different speed. I say that because there are a lot of people that have never listened to albums on LPs (long-playing records) or the smaller 45s with one song on each side. Then there are the big and heavy 78s from even an earlier era.

Rediscovering records is a cool thing. Our young daughter listening to them made me feel great. It is cool to walk into her studio and hear old music from years gone by. It makes me want to get our old records out and play them at home. Our daughter has discovered our cache of records and took the ones she wanted to listen to. She left a lot of the music from the 1970s untouched. She is not into that era of music as much right now. We got her a nice record player that is portable yet has a decent speaker. She has it on a rolling cart that she can move about in her studio depending on what she is working on. It sounds great and plays those stacks of wax just fine.


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